Alaska-based Pacific Seafood Processors Association (PSPA) has hired Julie Decker as its new president.

Decker has widespread experience in the seafood industry, including as a fisherman, processor and administrator for multiple fisheries organizations.

She most recently served as executive director of Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation (AFDF), which supports Alaska fisheries research and development. The group operates the Alaska Symphony of Seafood, an annual competition to find the best new Alaska seafood products.

PSPA’s corporate members include 11 major shoreside and mothership seafood processing companies with operations in Alaska and Washington. These members purchase, process and market hundreds of millions of pounds of seafood from just about every commercial fishery and gear type in Alaska, including salmon, pollock, Pacific cod, crab, halibut, and rockfish, among others.

PSPA said AFDF is a critical partner, given its mission and work in seafood sustainability certifications, full utilization and product development, the AFDF Startup Accelerator, the Alaska Symphony of Seafood, vessel energy solutions, mariculture development and several other key industry priorities.

"PSPA will collaborate with AFDF toward a smooth transition, which ensures key AFDF projects are not interrupted and puts both organizations in a position of strength," the group said.

A plan has been designed to support Decker's transition from AFDF to PSPA over the next few months, according to the entities. Decker will support AFDF as the board fills the position.

On Thursday, AFDF announced it is now accepting applications for a new executive director.