European land-based salmon farming startup Columbi Salmon has appointed Mari Birkeland as its new quality manager for its subsidiary Columbi Farms.

She will be working on developing indoor vertical plant cultivation, according to her LinkedIn post.

Birkeland, who holds an MSc in Biotechnology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), previously worked as a project manager for the company.

Columbi Salmon is establishing a land-based salmon farming project in Oostende, Belgium. Over the coming years, the company plans to establish further production facilities throughout Europe and aims to produce 15,000-20,000 metric tons annually by 2024.

As part of the project, the group through its Columbi Farms subsidiary is also developing aquaponics systems for growing vegetables alongside fish as well.

The company, launched by former salmon sector analysts Anders Hagen and Kolbjorn Giskeodegaard, recently chose Billund Aquaculture as its technology supplier.

It plans an initial public offering (IPO) later this year or early next year, Giskeodegard said at this year's North Atlantic Seafood Forum (NASF).