Norwegian biotechnology company Hofseth BioCare (HBC) has named former Novartis and GSK senior executive Andy Gill as VP within its consumer health division to accelerate the company's development, strategy and sales efforts.

Gill will join HBC in January. He formerly played a major role in developing many recognized brands including Voltaren, Otrivin, Panadol, Sensodyne and Parodontax, HBC said.

HBC is on its way to commercialize over 5,000 metric tons of commoditized animal feed markets. Gill will support HBC's engagement with specialized distributors and direct sales efforts business-to-consumer via online platforms and the company's established retail network.

HBC inked a distribution contract with Dutch-based specialty chemicals and ingredients distributor IMCD, the company announced to shareholders.

The agreement to distribute HBC's marine branded products covers sixteen regions including the United States, Canada, most of South America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Turkey.