Norwegian business publication Kapital recently published its annual list of the country's 400 richest people, 12.5 percent of which are -- not surprisingly -- from the seafood sector.

The list includes Norwegian moguls in both the salmon farming industry and fisheries sector -- predominantly men and older than 50. Only 10 out of the 50 of the richest people in the seafood sector are women.

So, who topped the list? John Fredriksen, salmon farming, shipping and oil and gas magnate and one of the world's richest individuals, made the cut.

Fredriksen is the largest owner of shares in Oslo-listed farmed salmon giant Mowi and boasts a fortune of NOK 104 billion (€9.3 billion/$10.8 billion).

Not too far below him -- in sixth place -- is another regular on the list, SalMar's Gustav Witzoe, with NOK 33.5 billion (€3 billion/$3.5 billion).

Other seafood leaders on the ranking are Nordlak's Inge Harald Berg in 17th place with a fortune of NOK 10.5 billion (€942 million/$1 billion), and Mowi Chairman Ole-Eirik Leroy, who came in at 363rd place with a fortune of NOK 0.98 billion (€87 million/$102 million).

The few women from the seafood sector that made the list include Grieg Seafood's Elna-Kathrine Grieg and Elisabeth Grieg, with a fortune of NOK 2.05 billion (€184 million/$214 million) and NOK 2 billion, respectively.

Austevoll's Lill Maren Mogster also showed up as the 169th richest person, with a fortune of NOK 2 billion (€179 million/$209 million). She is only 36 years old.

Here is the full list of seafood moguls that were in the list:


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