Harry Frisch, chairman of Florida-based Beaver Street Fisheries, has passed away at 99 years.

He died peacefully Jan. 13 at his home surrounded by family, reported the Jacksonville, Fla. newspaper Daily Record.

Born on July 5, 1923, in Vienna, Austria, Frisch lived in Israel before coming to Jacksonville in 1953 with his wife, Lilo, and their two sons, Ben and Karl.

An auto mechanic and garage owner in Israel, Frisch opened a repair shop next to his stepfather and mother’s small store, Beaver Street Fisheries, the news site reported.

From that small retail store, Frisch and his family have grown into one of the largest seafood processors and distributors in the United States. Frisch lost family during the Holocaust, and vowed to focus on his business to build Beaver Street Fisheries’ and its flagship brand Sea Best, the news site reported.

"His influence is outsized, and he will be missed," said National Fisheries Institute President Lisa Wallenda Picard. "He built his business with a focus on family, integrity, and a drive to ensure his customers had a consistent supply of seafood."