The former CEO of New Zealand fishing giant Sanford, Volker Kuntzsch, has joined the global executive advisor network of Norway-based seafood recruitment consultancy Seafood People.

This month, Kuntzsch took up the position of CEO at New Zealand's largest independent science organization, the Cawthron Institute.

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The network is a group of senior seafood executives with subject matter expertise. These advisors will partner with Seafood People to execute global projects and client initiatives. Kuntzsch brings more than 30 years of industry-leading experience, having led operational transformation across five continents.

“As part of our strategic plan, Seafood People is expanding our global partnerships," said Managing Director Thomas Bakke. "By adding Volker to our network, we continue to bolster the industry resources we can offer. We admire his people-centric leadership style and are absolutely aligned with his value-driven mindset.”

"Living in diverse environments from Japan to South Africa, I learned how to break down cultural barriers to achieve high levels of employee engagement," said Kuntzsch of the appointment. "Developing trust and integrity are fundamental to realizing ambitious objectives and ensuring success through challenging circumstances. I look forward to assisting other industry players to achieve the same.”

In December, Seafood People announced Alexander Kolibius would be joining its Global Executive Advisor Network, shortly followed by Andrew Mallison, the former CEO of the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA).

Seafood People is a specialty firm focusing on executive recruitment, strategy, analysis, project management, communication, and design for the seafood industry. The firm is headquartered in Bergen, Norway, with advisors located in Chile, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany and Singapore.