Achim Eichenlaub, former CEO of tilapia producer Regal Springs, joined the board of directors of Norway-based seafood E-commerce platform JET Seafood.

In addition to taking an equity stake in the company, Eichenlaub will also act as an consultant to the JET Seafood team, which operates seafood trading marketplace

Eichenlaub stepped down from Regal Springs at the end of 2019 after three years leading the company.

Before Regal Springs, Eichenlaub held several executive positions with frozen foods giant Nomad Foods and consumer goods company Reckitt-Benckiser.

Currently, Eichenlaub acts as an adviser for Neptune NRCP, the newly established group focused exclusively on the aquaculture value chain.

The group -- established in 2019 -- has $300 million (€270.5 million) to deploy with its first fund.