Former Leroy Seafood Sweden Managing Director Daniel Svensson has finally left the company.

Svensson officially left his role as managing director in January.

Since then he has worked as an adviser at Leroy Seafood AB, helping smooth the transition to a new top executive.

Leroy Seafood AB, a subsidiary of Norway-based farming, harvesting and processing giant Leroy Seafood Group, runs the production, trade and distribution of seafood to customers in the Swedish retail and hotel, restaurant and catering sectors.

"It has been a fantastic journey for almost 18 years and I really would like to take this opportunity to thank all the amazing people with who I have had the privilege to share this journey and who has become my friends for life," Svensson said.

It's unclear what Svensson's next move will be. He hasn't responded to IntraFish requests for comment.