Former The Fishin' Company president Ryan Grace has joined Mauritius-based seafood supplier Afritex as its chief strategy officer.

Grace left Walmart supplier The Fishin' Company in March after spending almost 12 years with the company - the last five of which as its president.

Afritex Ventures, headed by former East Coast Seafood Group CEO Bradley Hudson, is an investment holding company with strategic investments in Africa-based fishing operations.

It has fully operational modern fishing and processing facilities in Mauritius and Mozambique, and a global retail operation in South Africa. It also has a sister company based in Texas called Wild Side Seafood.

Its fishing operations consist of longline tuna and swordfish operations in Beira in Mozambique and Port Louis in Mauritius; trawler operations in Maputo and Mozambique; retail operations in South Africa; and a food trading platform its team is in the process of developing.

Its fishing operations include a self-owned fleet of 14 longliners, three trawlers and two demersal vessels.

Afritex currently exports up to 2,000 metric tons of fresh tuna and swordfish each year to Japan, the United States, Europe, New Zealand and Australia, and up to 2,500 metric tons of frozen product, sold as whole frozen or value-added, into retail-ready lines.