Aquabyte, the aquaculture tech startup with operations in Norway, San Francisco and Puerto Montt, announced that Jan Uddenfeldt will joins its board of directors.

Uddenfeldt is one of the main inventors and industry drivers of wireless technology (including GSM, mobile broadband, bluetooth, 3G and 4G) and has worked as chief technology officer for Ericsson and Sony Mobile.

Uddenfeldt said he had heard buzz in Silicon Valley about Aquabyte and was intrigued by the company’s leadership in a critical new industry, as well as its complex systemic solutions.

“The market for sustainable fish is going to grow, and that is very promising," said Uddenfelt. "Plus, of course it’s fun that it’s in Norway. I look forward to contributing to the synergy of Scandinavian and Silicon Valley culture."

Aquabyte CEO Bryton Shang noted that Uddenfeldt’s global experience, with roots in Scandinavia and Silicon Valley, mirrors his company’s current scope as well as its future ambitions.