Hawaii-based Blue Ocean Mariculture has hired Bill Stride to serve as its vice president of processing , supply chain and logistics. Stride was formerly CEO of Maine-based seafood supplier North Atlantic Inc.

Stride's previous roles in seafood have included serving as senior vice president of sales and marketing for American Seafoods as well as the president and founder of the Good Harbor Fillet Company.

Blue Ocean Mariculture farms Almaco jack (Seriola rivoliana), a member of the yellowtail family, off the coast of Hawaii's Big Island. It sells the fish under the brand name Hawaiian Kanpachi.

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The company currently produces about 800 metric tons of fish annually, but has the capacity to produce 2,400 metric tons, which its CEO told IntraFish last year he expects will happen by 2023. The product is currently sold to the US market, but the company plans to expand sales internationally.