Former Salmar CEO Linda Litlekalsoy Aase will continue her salmon farming adventure this fall, when she takes on the top executive role at salmon producer Bremnes Seashore.

Aase takes the reigns from primary owner and longtime CEO Olav Svendsen in November.

Svendsen has been with the group for 50 years.

Jan Sverre Rosstad, chairman of Bremnes Seashore parent Bremen Fryseri, told IntraFish that Aase's background "fits well with our company."

"She has shown herself to be a very capable and recognized leader who will help take our company forward," he said.

Bremnes has farming facilities in Hardanger, Sunnhordland and Rogaland spread across 23 locations in nine different municipalities.

Amount in million NOK 2021 2020 %
Operating income 2705.2 2990.8 -9.5%
Operating result 169.4 180.0 -5.9%
Result before tax 163.0 153.2 6.4%
Annual result 127.2 120.2 5.8%
Operating margin 6.3% 6.0% 5.0%
Equity 564.4 577.5 -2.3%
Total assets 2224.8 2291.2 -2.9%
Long-term debt 613.7 595.5 3.1%

Aase stepped down from SalMar after just six months in charge, saying at the time that it was "the right thing for the company."

Last year was a turbulent one for Salmar, as owner and chair Gustav Witzoe fought a takeover battle for the acquisition of aquaculture group NTS. Witzoe eventually completed the acquisition, which brought with it salmon farmer Norway Royal Salmon.

With Norway Royal, Salmar is now the world's second-largest salmon farmer.

Chief Operating Officer Frode Arntsen took over from Aase following her departure.