Former Mowi CEO Alf-Helge Aarskog will join the group as a deputy board director, the company announced Wednesday in materials for its annual general meeting (AGM).

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Aarskog stepped down from the group in November, and has been replaced by former CFO Ivan Vindheim.

In addition to Aarskog, Bjarne Tellemann and Solveig Strand will also join as new members, and will join Ole-Eirik Leroy, who will continue to serve as chairman, Lisbet Naero, Kristian Melhuus and Cecilie Fredriksen, daughter of John Fredriksen, the largest shareholder in Mowi.

Mowi will holds its AGM June 3.

On Wednesday, Mowi reported a 44 percent fall in operational earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) to €109.3 million ($118.6 million), while operational revenues and other income fell 10 percent to €884.8 million ($960 million).

Falling prices due to extensive global lockdowns were partly to blame for the lower numbers. Costs incurred from the pandemic in securing staff and employing logistics workarounds also contributed to the loss.