Pal Kristian Moe has joined seafood investment fund Broodstock Capital as a partner. He was previously a partner in consulting company Impello Management.

At Impello, Moe assisted the Broodstock Capital-owned marine health company Akerbla with its investments in MarinHelse and Fomas Fiskehelse and Miljo.

Moe also assisted Akerbla as an advisor when Broodstock Capital became the owner of the company in 2019.

He has a degree in fisheries from the University of Tromso, Norway, and a management degree from Insead.

Broodstock Capital focuses exclusively on investments in small and medium-sized enterprises in the seafood industry. The company currently holds stakes in supplier companies MPI, Billund Aquaculture, Maritech Systems, NP Innovation, Akerbla and Therma Industri.


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