Chilean salmon producer Camanchaca appointed Sergio Giacaman to the newly created role of social sustainability manager.

Giacaman, who will report to Salmones Camachaca CEO Ricardo Garcia, will be responsible maintaining relations with local communities and interest groups, particularly in southern Chile.

Giacaman has extensive management and administration experience in Chile's southern Biobio region, where he served as mayor between 2019-2020.

Garcia said the new role "should not be an accessory to the business strategy, it should be part of it."

The new Chilean constitution is being finalized after 10 months of hard bargaining to represent the rights of indigenous communities, which until now have been ignored.

The constitution will be put to a referendum on Sept. 4 in a mandatory vote for Chileans aged 18 or over.

The Chilean salmon industry has been collateral damage in a long-running conflict over indigenous land rights in the South American nation.