Hugo Carillo, CEO of South American feed producer Vitapro, said he is stepping down.

Carrillo is leaving next week after nearly 29 years at Vitapro parent group Alicorp, where he has also held the rank of vice president, he said on his LinkedIn page.

"I have to embark on a new path. I am grateful to god and life for allowing me to be a witness and protagonist of the growth of this great company," Carrillo said.

While Fabricio Vargas has been named as Carrillo's replacement, Alvaro Correa Malachowski steps into the role of CEO of Vitapro's parent group Alicorp from March 1.

Vargas brings 16 years of experience in the animal nutrition business, including as CEO of Vitapro-owned shrimp feed producer Nicovita in Ecuador and head of the company's all important shrimp category in Latin America.

Correa Malachowski was previously deputy CEO of Credicorp, holding down separate roles as CEO of Pacifico Seguros, Atlantic Security Bank, and CFO of Credicorp and BCP.

Alvaro Correa Malachowski is the new man at the top at Vitapro parent group Alicorp. Photo: Vitapro/Alicorp

Vitapro, the aquaculture feed subsidiary of $3.3 billion (€3.4 billion) Peruvian conglomerate Alicorp, also owns Chilean salmon farming supplier Salmofood.

The company has operations across several other South and Central American countries including Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala and Mexico.

Its $80 million (€82.3 million) shrimp feed plant investment in Nicovita in Ecuador is on schedule to begin operations in the second quarter of this year.

Vitapro has also named Carlos Quispe as its new country manager for Ecuador.

Quispe has worked in various Vitapro and Alicorp teams since 2004, most recently as business director in Ecuador.

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