Aquaculture focused investment fund Aqua-Spark has appointed Willem van der Pijl as editor-in-chief of Aqua Insights, the fund's new report and blog series.

Van der Pijl has extensive knowledge of aquaculture, particularly the shrimp industry.

His areas of expertise cover the input, farming, processing, export and import, and market distribution segments of the shrimp industry.

Van der Pijl is also known for founding the Seafood Trade Intelligence Portal (STIP), a network of more than 100 companies in the shrimp industry, and co-founding ShrimpTails magazine.

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STIP was acquired by Norwegian research group Kontali last year.

He will continue to run his own consulting company Shrimp Insights.

For Aqua-Spark co-founders Mike Velings and Amy Novogratz after many years of relying on Van der Pijl's expertise, the timing is right to work together directly.