Rasmus Sorensen, executive vice president of global sales at American Seafoods, has joined the board of SeaShare, a non-profit organization that promotes partnerships between government agencies, seafood companies and food banks to donate fish to people in need.

"With food insecurity at an all-time high and the need for nutritious protein greater than ever, I am proud to be taking American Seafoods’ longstanding partnership with SeaShare to the next level by joining the board of directors," said Sorensen.

American Seafoods is a longtime sponsor of SeaShare.

Initially formed in 1993, by a former American Seafoods employee to help seafood companies donate their unwanted bycatch to foodbanks across the United States, SeaShare has since evolved to include first-run, marketable product and monetary donations.

SeaShare has now donated more than 250 million seafood servings to food banks across the United States and has more than 200 partners across the industry.