Rasmus Soerensen, chief commercial officer of US Alaska pollock giant American Seafoods, has been elected the new board president of US-based food assistance nonprofit SeaShare, the group announced Wednesday.

Additionally, Thomas Zaffiro, president of Massachusetts-based processor Channel Fish Processing, has joined the SeaShare board.

SeaShare provides the framework and logistics that allow companies to distribute seafood donations to America's food banks.

In 2022, SeaShare distributed over 1 million pounds of seafood to 28 food banks and feeding centers across 16 states.

“Together, we will put our best foot forward to combat hunger in the US and help distribute nutrient-dense seafood products nationwide to support those most in need," said Sorenson.

In addition to Sorensen and Zaffiro, the groups other board members include: Greg Englin, director of the port of Kingston, Washington; Richard Mullins, managing of NAIA Natural Products; Pat Shanahan, president of The Shanahan Group; fisherman Casey Campbell; Jan Jacobs, former director of government affairs for American Seafoods; Michael Lieberman, seninor vice president for food industry insurance at FOA & Son; Tom Enlow, president of Unisea; Doug Christensen, president of Arctic Storm Management Group; Chris Barrows, catcher fleet manager for Golden Alaska Seafoods; and Jim Harmon, executive director of SeaShare.

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