The Alaska Seafood Cooperative (AKSC), a cooperative fishing group working to manage Bering Sea flatfish and other non-pollock groundfish species, has hired Sarah Webster as its science projects director.

Webster will replace John Gauvin, who spent close to 30 years in the role, beginning in April. Gauvin will be retiring from the role, but will continue some of the science projects already underway for the cooperative.

AKSC is a cooperative of the Amendment 80 fleet that fishes for flatfish, Pacific Ocean perch and Atka mackerel in Alaska.

Webster brings to the role a background in Alaska fisheries science and experience with a broad range of species and user groups.

Prior to joining AKSC, she was a fisheries scientist for the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, specifically working on recreational groundfish research in the charter fishing sector.

Prior to that, she managed the research program for Alaska Pacific University’s Fisheries, Aquatic Science and Technology Program. There she supported a wide range of projects working with the non-pelagic, pelagic, scallop, and charter industries.

She also worked directly with halibut longliners when she served on the International Pacific Halibut Commission’s Management Strategy Advisory Board.

Working with fishery scientists from NOAA and other scientific institutions, the AKSC participates in research to modify both fishing practices and gear to assist its members in reducing bycatch and impacts of fishing on marine habitat.

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