A 20-year-old worker has died at SalMar's Ruggstein salmon farming site in what is being described by police as a crushing incident.

Adrian Rosand, who was an employee of shipping company FSV, reportedly became trapped between a boat and the quay on Jan. 1.

"It is a deeply tragic event," FSV General Manager Arild Aasmyr told IntraFish Monday. "My thoughts go to the deceased's family, and to their colleagues."

The accident is being investigated by the police, the Accident Investigation Board Norway and the Norwegian Maritime Directorate.

In June, an employee fell from the roof of a facility belonging to Leroy Seafood Group's whitefish division, Leroy Norway Seafoods, in the third serious work accident at the company in six months.

It followed just weeks after an investigation into the death of an assistant manager of one Mowi's Scottish farms who was killed falling from a feed barge in February last year found the salmon giant to be lacking in key safety aspects of the operation.

A survey of Norwegian aquaculture workers conducted by researchers at Sintef and published in 2020 revealed that 76 percent of participants said they or their colleagues had experienced near accidents during the last two years.

In August, the Chile Salmon Council trade body published new guidelines aimed at protecting divers working at salmon farms owned by member companies AquaChile, Cermaq, Mowi and Salmones Aysen, following a spate of fatal accidents at salmon farms in Chile since the beginning of 2020.