The following letter was sent to IntraFish byDick Jones, CEO of Blue Ocean Mariculture, in response to the column " Why are these people representing the aquaculture industry," written by Executive Editor John Fiorillo.

I greatly respect all of the people that have written IntraFish in response to John Fiorillo’s article, entitled "Why are these people representing the aquaculture industry?"

And if I didn’t know John as well as I do (after two decades of being peers in the seafood industry), I’d say you were all spot on.

But come on, I know for a fact you all have known him as long as I have. What's his job? He’s here to get you to read IntraFish. He’s way off base, we all know it. Do you think John himself doesn’t know it as well? He does.

He knows that we, as an industry, are for the most part sitting on our hands and letting big hitters be at the front line of battles that we all should be fighting shoulder-to-shoulder.

Yes, in theory, we’re there. But in reality, we’re not. How many of you submitted a proposal for SXSW?

John did what he’s paid to do; he brought a relevant, underlying, thought-provoking issue to the forefront of the conversation. And we’re all hot, mad even, at what he said.

So will it have the impact that I believe he intended to deliver, and get us all moving instead of waiting for higher-profile people to fight our battles? I’m up for the fight!

Thanks John, an industry supporter as always!