IntraFish journalists outdid themselves this week bringing together a smorgasbord of attention grabbing material.

And if one story grabbed the headlines it was reporter Nina Unlay's posing of the question - Is the aquaculture industry ready for feces-based feed? as Norwegian fermentation technology company Hyperthermics prepares to bring the industry to a new whole level.

The probing by didn't stop there though as reporter Demi Korban looked into whether land-based salmon company Atlantic Sapphire is now really worth $800 million.

In Asia, IntraFish Editor Rachel Mutter reported on a Chinese farmed trout giant's growth plans putting sustainability first.

Meantime the appointment of Jeff Sedacca at Guolian ushers in a new era for the Chinese shrimp giant as IntraFish Executive Editor John Fiorillo reports.

On a more sinister plane, IntraFish reported on the US seafood firm that was used to launder 'El Chapo's' heroin proceeds.

For companies wanting to get deeper in the US retail market, IntraFish reporter Rachel presented a checklist of things to consider when making a pitch to Kroger-owned QFC stores.

In South America the Chilean salmon industry is scrambling for solutions as sea lice develop treatment resistance, leaving the industry on edge as it seeks new ways of combatting the scourge of farmers across the globe.

Amid continued global concern about the impacts and scale of deliberate forest fires in Brazil aquafeed producer Biomar said the Amazon fires underscore the importance of fully certified soy in aquaculture feed.

Back in Europe Danish aquaculture group says a minister's ban on netpen farming is 'a political stunt.'

Further afield New Zealand seafood company Sealord named its new CEO. The executive in question will take over the top role at the New Zealand fisheries and aquaculture giant next year.

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