Norway's China salmon scandal continued to roil the markets, and the domestic industry. Let the finger pointing begin.

America's harvesting sector has been stagnant, while Russia, Norway and others have built new vessels and modernized. That's changing.

Peru's much higher anchovy quota will, naturally, play a role in lower fishmeal prices, but market dynamics are more complex than that.

Trump's trade wars are attracting the interest of US producers, who see a window for protectionism. America tried this with Chilean and Norwegian salmon, and it didn't work.

African investments are heating up, with Danish seafood firm Kangamiut and feed giant Skretting investing more in the continent's growth.

Speaking of M&As, Thai giant CP Foods jumped into Brazil with a major stake in a fast-moving producer in the region. We talked to the company about its plans.

And as wacky as it may seem, land-based bluefin tuna farming may finally get the push it Norway. Read the story here.

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