Last week was yet another busy week on IntraFish. Here's a quick recap of just some our most important and compelling stories:

Trade war heating up: As many feared, the US seafood industry is now in line to become collateral damage in a simmering trade war between the United States and China.

Foppen/Klaas Puul mega-merger: Two Dutch companies -- salmon processor Foppen and shrimp firm Klaas Puul -- announced early last week that they will merge and form a new firm, Dutch Seafood Company. Editor Elisabeth Fischer spoke to the group's new CEO to find out more.

Chilean salmon industry consolidation: Reporter Lola Navarro spoke to top executives at Los Fiordos and AquaChile, both of which recently acquired competitors in Chile. Are we going to see a new era of consolidation in the country's salmon industry?

Land-based salmon farming revolution: IntraFish is putting together an indepth report on the land-based Atlantic salmon farming movement and news are coming in thick and fast. Read up on this producer's plans in China and why a Danish feed company decided to spearhead a land-based salmon farming project in Norway.

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ICES advice: The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) released several recommendations for 2019 quotas last week, including for Barents Sea cod and haddock, as well as Icelandic cod and haddock.

US tuna market: Finally some good news from the troubled US tuna market: Canned and pouch tuna is well positioned to grow, according to Bumble Bee Foods' Senior VP of Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility Dave Melbourne. He is painting an encouraging picture of the US shelf-stable tuna market, reported Editor Rachel Mutter.

Russian pollock challenges: Russia's pollock industry -- both on land and at sea -- is in the midst of a major boom, but that doesn't mean the growth will come without challenges, experts told us last week. Read here what they had to say.

AquaVision 2018 conference: Lola Navarro reported live from the two-day conference in Stavanger. Recap here on all the news from the event.


But that's just a small taster of what happened on IntraFish last week -- take a look at our full list of Editor's Picks for the week for more insight to start your week.