The World Trade Organization (WTO) gave the United States the OK to impose tariffs on $7.5 billion (€6.8 billion) worth of goods imported from the European Union, including some shellfish.

The decision comes after a 15-year WTO dispute concerning the American airline company Boeing and European aerospace firm Airbus over who is benefiting the most out of illegal subsidies.

The ruling will take effect Oct. 18 on goods ranging from aircraft, cheese, olives and more, reports BBC .

The tariffs will be set at 25 percent on all items besides aircraft, which have a 10 percent tariff rate.

The United States published a list of all the items that will be subject to the additional tariffs including mussels and clams, neither of which are imported in any significant volume.

It's not the end, yet

Authorities have the power to increase the tariffs at any time or even add products to the list. This is expected to take shape in the next few months when the WTO decides the level of tariffs.

The WTO ruling claims the European Union failed to pull back billions of dollars in illegal subsidies to Airbus for the development and launch of two new models.

In April, the European Union proposed a preliminary list of tariffs on $20 billion (€18.2 billion) worth of US goods in part prompted by the airline battle. However, the European Commission is currently seeking a settlement prior to those tariffs going into effect.

Among the seafood products potentially impacted by those tariffs are frozen Atlantic salmon, frozen fillets of Alaska pollock, frozen fillets of Pacific salmon, smoked Pacific salmon, frozen lobster, coldwater shrimp, scallops and squid.