Spot prices for farmed Norwegian salmon in Week 7 remained unchanged from last week, trading at NOK 55.41 for fish sizes 3-6 kilograms, according to the latest figures from Fish Pool Index.

Salmon volumes remained flat as well, dipping by 0.3 percent from last week, though the year-on-year volumes increased by 17.2 percent to reach 17,634 metric tons.

Fish Pool also expects higher prices in future contracts, it told IntraFish.

The futures contract for March is trading up at around NOK 61 (€6.20/$7) this week, according to Soren Martens, managing director of Fish Pool. Additionally, a contract of 600 metric tons has been signed for the second half of the year at NOK 59 (€6/$6.80).

These spot prices are higher than the ones seen at the Fish Pool Index in the last two years, Martens said.