On Monday the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative (MLMC) Board of Directors appointed Marianne LaCroix as executive director of the organization.

LaCroix was selected following a formal search process, and after after serving as interim director since February.

“Over the past several years, we’ve done important work with chefs and tastemakers across the country, spreading the word about Maine lobster as a premium product,” said LaCroix. “I’m thrilled the board has placed their faith in me and look forward to moving ahead with our plans for the year, which include broadening our scope to all aspects of the supply chain.”

LaCroix will continue to oversee the MLMC's mission to promote the core values of the industry -- sustainability and traceability-- and keep driving demand and awareness for live and processed products.

One new area of focus for the state-funded collaborative is marketing more new-shell lobster versus hard-shell, with an emphasis on how this product can be best handled by fishermen and distributors.

Prior to her work with the MLMC, LaCroix served as the marketing director for the MLMC. Before that, she worked in marketing for Holt, Hughes & Stamell and for Duval & Partners.

She is a graduate of Boston College.