Where to begin. Well, welcome to March, (yes, already) -- the month where seafood shows really get underway.

These next few weeks will see the seafood glitterati first head to Bergen for the North Atlantic Seafood Forum (NASF) before heading onwards across the pond to attend the Boston Seafood Show -- both of which IntraFish will also attend to make sure you don’t miss any vital news.

But enough of what’s to come, this is about what happened last week, and there was a lot going on.

First off, during the week we published an exclusive in-depth, detailed, must-have report on the salmon farming industry's biggest problem: sea lice, which is already proving popular from all corners of the sector.

We wrote how Project Sea Dragon, the massive Nissui-backed shrimp farm is planning on a launch in 2021 and why Nomad chose Findus for its first foray into America.

Speaking of getting into retail in America, we interviewed the buyer of a supermarket chain in the States who dished the dirt on what he looks out for when choosing a seafood supplier.

Alaska pollock industry veteran Jim Gilmore announced he is leaving the At-Sea Processors Association (APA) after 30 years, while the Salmones Magallanes CEO also stepped down during the week as AquaChile continued its takeover.

The wider consolidation of the Chilean sector also continued at pace, with Australis Seafoods snapping up a salmon processor in the later stages of the week

As part of the mega merger taking place in Greece between Selonda, Nireus, and Andromeda, the latter’s CEO decided to leave the role last week, with the company simultaneously appointing regional CEOs for both its Greek and Spanish operations.

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) was back in the spotlight during the week, for various reasons. It released its annual report, which showed how it tripled its income in less than a decade and our own John Fiorillo did some analysis on the certification body’s trip back from the financial brink.

There was also pressure mounting for an independent review of the MSC standards, with a couple of NGOs sending a letter to the organization.

EU land-based fish farmer Kingfish Zeeland revealed plans launch an Oslo IPO, while simultaneously closing in on an additional site to build capacity in the United States.

Alaska pollock producers said they were now looking for 'non-traditional' product formats, Leroy started rebuilding its hatchery after the fatal fire that took place at the end of January.

One of India's largest seafood exporters, Sandhya Marines, explained how it was entering the feed industry with investment in a 60,000 metric ton factory in Andhra Pradesh, and Norway’s AquaGen acquired a freshwater hatchery from Scottish Sea Farms (SSF).

While Russia was forecasting for a fall in its Pacific salmon harvest, Iceland is expecting its farmed salmon production to grow 50% in 2019.

We revealed how tilapia was behind the Brazilian aquaculture growth in 2018 and how Canada is now trouncing the United States in the Chinese lobster market.

Florida crab importer Bonamar reached an emergency agreement with the New York branch of Santander Bank to avoid asset seizure and an analyst explained how Thai Union's Mitsubishi shrimp buy-out is likely to bring control to supply.

And finally, there were several company earnings reports released last week, including those from High Liner; Leroy; The Scottish Salmon Company; Austevoll; Pelagia; New Zealand King Salmon; Young’s Seafood; Nomad Foods; Seafarms; Frosta; HB Grandi; and Angulas Aguinaga.