July was another busy month for news despite being the peak of summer. Oddly enough Pamela Anderson dominated the most read stories on IntraFish.com;She is nowthe face of Sea Shepherd's eco-war against the salmon farmers in British Columbia.

The month also saw the launch of IntraFish's exclusive five-part "Antibiotics in Salmon" series exploring the use of antibiotics in the Chilean salmon sector, and what can be done to address it.

Elsewhere, Pacific Andes may have come to the end of the road after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the United States, and tracking the fallout from that also proved popular among readers.

In the UK, Tesco decided to delist a number of John West products at the end of the month, while Pete Ward, CEO of Young's Seafood, announced plans to step down.

The argument over whether the industry needs so many eco-labels was also popular once again, while Norwegian salmon prices hit record highs over the month.

See our full list of last month's top IntraFish stories below.


1. BC salmon farmers respond to Pamela Anderson 'publicity stunt'

The local salmon farmers' association says it is important to 'distinguish research from advocacy".


2.Where is seafood's Pamela Anderson?

Good. Now that I've got your attention, let's talk aquaculture.

3. Antibiotics in salmon: Do we have a problem, or don't we?

The first in our five-part series explores the impact of US seafood buyers' opposition to antibiotic usage in farmed salmon, why other countries have been able to minimise their use, and what is being done to curb treatments in the industry.

4. The eco-label to end ALL eco-labels

GSSI is on the map now with its blessing of Alaska's RFM certification program -- but is something much bigger going on?

5. Antibiotics in salmon: What Chile can learn from its peers

History seems to show if you invest the time, money, effort and cooperation, a reduction in antibiotic usage is a realistic goal.

6. Pacific Andes blames Bank of America for having to file for bankruptcy protection

Company’s top 50 creditors claiming more than $1.5 billion (€1.3 billion) – Dutch lender Rabobank the worst hit.

7. Farm Focus: Australian model may be future of shrimp farming

We go behind the scenes to look at the company's plans for biosecurity and markets -- and how it's different than anything else out there.

8. Antibiotics in salmon: Raising salmon without antibiotics in Chile? Here's how

The only Chilean salmon group harvesting 100% of its production untreated with antibiotics tells IntraFish how they do it.

9. Processor Profile: What's special about Acme's new smoked salmon plant?

Take a virtual tour through one of the world's newest -- and biggest -- smoked salmon plants.

10. Tesco to delist number of John West tuna products

Following sustainability review, retail giant says it will remove a number of John West tuna products from its shelves by the end of July.


11. Red Lobster Crabfest is back
12. Pacific Andes: A troubled time line
13. This new trend could be a huge boost for seafood
14. 10 amazing fish facts you should know
15. Video: Pamela Anderson's full-frontal assault on salmon farming
16. Pete Ward steps down as Young's Seafood CEO
17. Norwegian salmon prices reach new high, is a crash imminent?
18. Fewer sea lice on salmon, but at what cost to fish health?
19. Antibiotics in salmon: Solutions are there for the taking
20. Pacific Andes chief: innuendo, irrational lenders and weather woes led to 'liquidity crisis'


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