Oystein Hage has been appointed publisher for IntraFish.com's Norwegian sister publications Fiskeribladet, Intrafish.no and Tekfisk.no.

Hage has been editor of Fiskeribladet since 2011.

"I believe [our] Norwegian seafood unit will benefit from having a publisher who can oversee the overall development of the three brands – both commercially and editorially In Norway," said NHST Global Publications CEO Trond Sundnes.

Fiskeribladet has long played a key role as news provider and debate platform for the Norwegian seafood industry, while Intrafish.no is a leading website for the Norwegian aquaculture industry, and Tekfisk has, in just over a year, grown to become Norway's most important news source on technology in the sector.

"The brands are good examples on how to establish niche publications through setting the agenda, being informative, honest, critical and with a clear voice within their own industries," said Sundnes.

"The seafood industry is consolidating, and then it is also natural that we enable the organization to become even better and more relevant."

"I am incredibly happy to gain this confidence and am looking forward to working with my knowledgeable colleagues," said Hage. "We will set the agenda and deliver the most relevant journalism for and about the Norwegian seafood industry."