A federal judge in California has ruled against including evidence related to former CEO Christopher Lischewski's battle with Greenpeace's FAD-free sustainable fishing campaign as it would be an unnecessary sideshow, reports Law360.

Lischewski faces a $1 million (€867,345) fine and a 10-year jail term for tuna price-fixing.

Prosecutors maintained that Lischewski's resistance to the campaign is relevant, as compliance would have disrupted an agreement between the involved tuna companies not to offer a new product. Lischewski's counsel has said the resistance was for competitive reasons.

Judge Edward Chen said despite the causal connection, the issue was a "marginal" one.

Judge Chen previously ordered tuna giant Starkist to pay a $100 million (€90.5 million) criminal fine to the US Department of Justice (DOJ) for its involvement in tuna price-fixing, despite the company's ongoing effort to reduce the amount, citing financial troubles.