Salmon stories are always a popular read on IntraFish and February was no different with more land-based developments and the shock news of anti-collusion raids on the offices of several major producers.

But shrimp also got more than a look-in, with news of the Nissui-backed shrimp mega farm near topping the list as well as analysis of the impact all this extra shrimp production is having on markets.

Pollock, too, was high on readers' agenda with news that the world's biggest Alaska pollock quota holder was looking for investment.

Executive Editor John Fiorillo was on the road at the F3 feed challenge in California and reporter Rijuta Dey took a trip over to Acme's massive processing facilities on the US east coast.

Of all our columns last month, Editor-in-Chief Drew Cherry's examination of aquaculture giant Cooke's further integration was our most read and we also broke the news of more Chilean salmon consolidation and management shake-up as well as board changes at Mediterranean whitefish giant Andromeda.

Here's a full list of last month's top IntraFish stories:

1. Report: The salmon farming industry's biggest problem

As farmed salmon production has grown so has the search for a solution to the sea lice challenge.

2. Massive Nissui-backed shrimp farm to launch in 2021

Japanese giant's investment gives the company market and branding access as well as a partnership with Sealord.

3. Another land-based salmon farmer chooses US site

In addition, in Europe, two locations are being considered for a another 10,000-ton facility.

4. Analysis: The spin on the 'salmon cartel' isn't good

Get ready for PR crisis mode.

5. Why Virginia? Land-based salmon farmer lured by market proximity, grants

Next stop after getting the project operational could be the US West Coast.

6. Finally we have a Tyson. Can Cooke keep it together?

The Canadian company now oversees a sprawling beast of a company. Let's see if its management skill can match its appetite.

7. The largest Alaska pollock quota holder is looking for investors. Who's buying?

American Seafoods is a tantalizing prospect for investors looking for a major position in the upstream whitefish sector, but the company isn't for everybody.

8. Shrimp prices crash on flooded US market through 2018

Despite a slight uptick in November, year-on-year totals show a steady slide in shrimp prices in the world's largest import market.

9. EC says salmon collusion raids made in several member states

Investigation extends beyond the UK, EU officials tell IntraFish.

10. American Seafoods begins hunt for new investors

Company's key investor ready to exit.

11. Want to sell to US retailer Hannaford?

12. Why Patagonia Provisions doesn't use an MSC logo

13. Ricardo Fuentes e Hijos, Maltese director of fisheries caught up in €25 million tuna scandal

14. Will Maine land-based salmon farms be stymied by residents, politicians?

15. Growing salmon in a mountain? This Norwegian company is making plans

16. Seafood Buyer Survey: Which country produces the best farmed salmon?

17. Private equity investor eyes move into land-based farming

18. US smoked salmon giant Acme plans massive expansion, new distribution center

19. Fully automated salmon processing is closer than you think

20. Alaska pollock exec leaving trade association after 30 years