Russian Fishery Company


Belovezhskaya str. 4,



Phone: +7 84-95-77-75-450


Company type: Private

Key investors: Gleb Frank (89.95 percent)

Subsidiaries: Turnif, Intraros, Vostokrybprom, Sovgavanryba, Imlan, Pelagiyal

Brands: Nordeco

Russian Fishery Company key executives

Fedor Kirsanov, CEO

Alexey Mashchenkov, CFO

Russian Fishery Company was founded in 2011 by Russian private investors Gleb Frank and Maxim Vorobiev with the aim to consolidate Russian fishing assets in various regions of the country.

The original name of the company “Russian Sea-catching” was changed in 2011. The group consists of six ...