High Liner Foods

100 Battery Point, P.O. Box 910

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia B0J 2C0


Phone: +1 90-26-34-88-11



Company type: Public

Subsidiaries: High Liner Foods (USA), Rubicon Resources, ISF, High Liner Foods (Thailand), Atlantic Trading Company, Sjovik

Brands: High Liner, Fishery Boy, Sea Cuisine, C. Wirthy & Co., Catch Day Prise Jour, High Liner Culinary, Mirabel, High Liner Foodservice, Icelandic Seafood, FPI

High Liner Foods key executives

Henry Demone, CEO

Paul Jewer, executive vice president and CFO

Peter Brown, president and COO US operations

Toronto-listed High Liner Foods began as WC Smith & Company, a salt fish operation in Nova Scotia, which is still the home of the company headquarters.