China's General Administration of Customs banned imports from 15 Vietnamese seafood companies in an announcement on Sept. 6.

The list of 15 seafood exporters include two pangasius producers and 13 shrimp producers.

Any goods exported from the companies into China will be returned back to Vietnam as a result.

The companies are as follows:

  • Thuan An Production Trading and Service
  • An Giang Fisheries (AGIFISH)
  • Global Blue Ocean (GLOCEAN BLUE)
  • Sao Bien Seafood (SACOIMEX)
  • K&K Aquafish Imex
  • Thanh Phuong Minh Nhat
  • Binh Ming Fish (BMF)
  • Bac Lieu Fisheries
  • An Khang Co.
  • Phuong Nam Foodstuff
  • Hai Phu
  • Phi Long
  • Quac Hai Factory
  • Thanh Tri Seafood Processing Company
  • Vietnam Just Fish

The Chinese government has also blocked shrimp imports from three Ecuadorian processing plants on Sept. 10 belonging to Santa Priscila, Omarsa, and Winrep over fears of white spot contamination.


Read the list here.