First up this week and grabbing readers attention Skretting CEO Therese Log Bergjord was named IntraFish Person of the Year 2020, the first woman and the first person from a feed company to claim the award.

Never afraid to speak out, Bergjord has tirelessly pushed the feed sector to innovate and change, pulling people together to talk openly about the challenges around reducing the aquaculture industry's footprint and enabling sustainable growth.

All eyes were also on Norwegian salmon farming giant Mowi. This week the company appointed Alan Cook as its new managing director for its operations in Atlantic Canada.

Cook brings more than 20 years of experience to the role, having taken on leadership positions within the salmon farming and fisheries industries in Canada, Chile, the United States.

Also causing a stir but on Twitter were claims by President Donald Trump that protestors were using Bumble Bee canned tuna as weapons.

In perhaps one of the most acclaimed seafood clapbacks of the year, Bumble Bee urged people on Twitter to consume products rather than use them as a weapon.

While its unclear what the company's new owners, Taiwan-based FCF Fishery, think about Trump's statements, his opponents went further in their mocking of the White House incumbent, who faces voters in just 40 days.

And turning the lens on global seafood developments, readers were eager to hear the details from Aquaculture equipment supplier Akva Group, who has signed a contract to construct several land-based fish farms in three Middle Eastern countries -- Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Norwegian-owned Vikings Label plans to produce 5,000 metric tons of salmon at the outset to serve the lucrative Saudi market.

It seems more and more land-based salmon companies are entering the fray, and IntraFish interviewed leaders with Camanchaca, DNB, Atlantic Sapphire, Innovasea on where the industry is headed as part of its Seafood Leadership Series event.

IntraFish Editor-in-Chief Drew Cherry spoke with the experts on topics ranging from the most disruptive shifts currently impacting the sector as well as what a salmon company of the future might look like.

In yet another round of management shakeups, IntraFish Executive Editor John Fiorillo scooped other news outlets in reporting three senior executives are departing Trident Seafoods as part of a company reorganization.

Trident CEO Joe Bundrant told IntraFish the loss of the executives has been emotional for him. "It is not easy for any company to lose this kind of experience in a transition," he said.

And finally, the state of global pollock supply could be tightening as Russian pollock producers face a potential dramatic decline in their overall harvest, with some of the country's leading fisheries researchers projecting a cut of as much as 50 percent in the total allowable catch (TAC) by 2025.