Arguably two of the biggest seafood stories of the year continued to dominate the headlines this week.

One of them, the much anticipated canned tuna price fixing case, came to a head as former Bumble Bee CEO Lischewski learned his fate.

In related news, readers were interested to learn what former Lischewski was tweeting about as the jury deliberated the verdict.

Meantime, the NFI president declared himself 'disappointed' in Lischewski's role in the tuna price fixing scandal.

Still in the US, want to sell to US Foods? Here's what it wants from its seafood suppliers as Rachel Sapin discovered.

In an unexpected development and after company recently sounded financial alarm bells Blue Star acquired crabmeat supplier Coastal Pride.

In the other big story of the year currently hogging the headlines, Icelandic fisheries giant Samherji said it will withdraw fishing operations from Namibia 'within months' as it struggles to contain fallout from the cash-for-quotas scandal.

Along similar lines, as Rachel Mutter reported Namibia's quota system, once praised as one of world's best, is now sullied by scandal.

In the aquaculture world, plans by Rabobank and a private equity fund to invest in a huge expansion of Kingfish Zeeland's Dutch yellowtail operations were unveiled.

In a probing and thought provoking column by IntraFish reporter Nina Unlay she highlighted why she believes the seafood industry is losing the PR battle.

In a separate piece Nina reported seafood companies hunt for alternative packaging with polystyrene's days looking numbered.

Finally this week salmon farming, feed and retail giants joined a cause backed by Hollywood A-lister Leonardo DiCaprio in pressuring Brazil's far right leader Jair Bolsonaro over Amazon soy.

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