The seafood industry isn't particularly well known for its creative marketing. But surprisingly, there's a lot more imagination out there than you might think.

To give our readers (and ourselves) a little end-of-the-week break, we dug into the YouTube archives to find not necessarily the best ads, but the ones that showed a degree of originality. We think we did pretty well.

Some of these aren't in English -- but we made sure it's clear enough what the message and marketing tactic is, so if you don't speak the language, you'll get the gist.

Hopefully you enjoy watching these as much as we did tracking them down. Let the team know on our LinkedIn or Facebook page which ones we missed.

Sustainability 'fetish'

Nothing excites this lady more than the fresh, sustainable fish German giant Frosta has to offer.

Freaky Friday

Trigger warning: this ad for Viciunai's crab sticks may give you lifelong nightmares. One of many bizarre -- but extremely enjoyable -- ads on Vici's Russian YouTube channel.

'You feed me minced?'

A cheeky little girl is not happy with her mother's purchasing decisions, it's either Van de Kamp's fish sticks or nothing.


Lebanese seafood processor Siblou released this advertisement in 2008 mimicking cow, chicken and goat sounds. The whole point of this ad was to show the other, better alternative: seafood.

I'm watching you

Fiona bought frozen fillets on offer, but the polar bear is watching. "Let's stick to what we know," he says. Of course, that's Nomad-owned Bird's Eye branded products.

Jamie goes to Alaska

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver partnered with Grismby-based Young's in a 2012 advertising campaign. Oliver embarks on a trip to Alaska where cooking his pollock is filled with adventures.

Hungry Sailor

A catchy advertisement released by UK frozen seafood giant Young's in 2011. It features sailors who are anticipating a fish and chips meal after some time in the water.

Sweat session

Nissui-owned Gorton's released an advertisement of two merman gym freaks who count on fish for the protein macros.

I can’t bear to watch

Several years ago British canned seafood brand John West released what has become a classic seafood ad, and one of the most watched commercials of all time.


Here’s another great one from the John West seafood brand. Nothing says insatiable appetite for seafood like a school of Great White sharks. We don’t recommend feeding the sharks ever, though. Watch your fingers …

Miniskirt mishap

Sealect tuna's surprise ending makes this ad truly one of the most original we have found.

What’s so funny?

This one from Lithuanian seafood giant Viciunai is a crack up. It highlights the convenience of fish, addressing a top consumer concern.

Pink underneath?

This ad from Birds Eye features talking fish fingers — one of them made from salmon. Not sure what to make of this, but talking food is always funny.

Fussy baby

This ad for Norwegian caviar spread Kavli shows that the belief that kids don't like fish is all wrong.

Sex on the beach

US fast-food chain Carl’s Jr. rolled out its new Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Fish Sandwich with an ad featuring Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Nina Agdal enjoying the sandwich at the beach.

Old school

This ad for US seafood restaurant chain Captain D’s plays on the irresistible nature of its seafood. It might make you a little squeamish, but the humor works if you let it.

Airport security

This ad from Boston-based seafood restaurant chain Legal Sea Foods stars company owner Roger Berkowitz as he tries to get past airport security with …. well, just watch.