Tuna Giant Bumble Bee has launched a new ad campaign asking the world "to rethink shelf-stable tuna."

Created by Bumble Bee’s advertising agency, The Many, the new campaign centers on touting tuna’s benefits, including its quick preparation and use as workout fuel.

The first two ads are built around a new tagline -- "Yes! Bumble Bee!" -- an effort by the company to "reboot" the 120-year-old brand's image, said Todd Putman, executive vice president and chief growth officer for Bumble Bee.

The two ads aired this week across traditional and streaming TV, with the remaining two planned for release in September.

The targeted TV markets include New York, Boston and Baltimore, while streaming TV markets include Los Angeles, Miami and Tampa.

The advertising campaign will also extend to digital and social, as well as public relations and "influencer" efforts, according to the company.

The company said it was able to produce the spots remotely, and selected Australia as a shooting location due to the relatively low COVID-19 rate.

Bumble Bee has been working to reposition its brand and bring new products to market over the past year in particular. In May, Bumble Bee retired Horatio, the tiny, big-eyed bumble bee that adorned the tuna giant’s canned and pouched product packaging for decades.

Bumble Bee spent much of the past two years in the spotlight over the company's involvement, along with rivals Chicken of the Sea and Starkist, in price-fixing of canned tuna in the US market. Just this week, former CEO Chris Lischewski was sent to prison to serve out a guilty conviction for his role in the scandal.