The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) awarded Minnesota-based Red Lake Nation Fisheries a contract for $466,903.62 (€385,243.10) to distribute 43,800 pounds of frozen walleye fillets to federal programs in Kansas City, Missouri, part of the agency's aggressive contract purchasing policy over the past year.

The product will be used for distribution to the child nutrition and other related federal food assistance programs for fiscal year 2021.

Deliveries will be made between Feb. 1 through Feb.15.

Red Lake Fisheries is closely aligned with the Red Lake Nation Department of Natural Resources, it said on its Facebook business page.

The fisheries program began in 1987 and is responsible for the management and conservation of reservation fish stocks on 237,000 acres of Upper and Lower Red Lake, 135 smaller lakes, and approximately 55 miles of rivers and stream.

On Thursday, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced it was accepting bids for 29,200 pounds of frozen walleye fillets for Idaho as part of its National School Lunch Program and other Federal Food and Nutrition Assistance programs. Acceptances will be announced on Feb. 10, with deliveries to be made between April 1-15 of this year.

The USDA in 2020 made record near-purchases of seafood for federal programs.