Texas-based retailer H-E-B plans to source only surimi made from US-harvested Alaska pollock in its more than 260 in-store sushi locations.

The Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) unveiled the move in time for National Seafood Month.

The commitment means an additional one million pounds of surimi made from Alaska pollock will be sold by the retailer next year.

H-E-B Director of Seafood Jason Driskill said part of the rationale behind the switch was Alaska pollock’s strong sustainability credentials, its US origin and the fact that the fish is wild-caught.

“This move to wild Alaska pollock in our sushi program has been one of our top sourcing and sustainability goals, and we’re proud to bring another great program from Alaska to our customers in Texas,” Driskill said.

The commitment is part of the US Alaska pollock sector's huge global marketing push emphasizing the "wild Alaska pollock" name and partnering with buyers to support products and promotions to increase demand for the fish.


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