US trade officials are continuing to remove import tariffs from seafood products tied to an ongoing trade war with China.

Last week, the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) removed its 25 percent import tariffs on some frozen tilapia (weighing up to 115 grams) and red swimming crab.

The USTR imposed the tariffs in September of 2018 as part of an escalating trade war between the countries on $200 billion (€184.6 billion) worth of products imported from China.

That tension cooled in January, when US President Donald Trump signed a "phase one" deal to lower some tariffs and increase China's purchases of US agricultural products.

US importers are likely to see some money coming back to them for duties paid, according to the USTR. The product exclusions announced in the notice are retroactive from September 24 2018 through Aug. 7, 2020.

Any frozen tilapia that weighed more than 115 grams has remained on the list. Tilapia is the third-most consumed species in the United States, with the majority coming from China as a frozen product.

Chinese companies were allowed to started applying for US tariff relief at the beginning of this month.