Seafish, the public body supporting the UK seafood industry, is set to launch its new consumer facing brand "Love Seafood" in October, Hazel Curtis, director of corporate relations announced on LinkedIn.

The new consumer brand aims to drive the group's 20-year initiative to positively influence people's attitudes towards seafood.

Seafish is tasked with increasing the current UK consumption of fish. Currently only 33 percent of the UK population eat the recommended two portions per week, one of which should be oily.

In order to achieve this, Seafish developed a consumer facing brand -- "Fish is the dish" -- which has played a key role in helping raise awareness of the benefits of seafood consumption over the years.

The refreshed consumer-facing brand will be supported by a new marketing strategy.

"Our aspiration is to educate, inspire and encourage people not only about the benefits of eating fish but to address controversial issues such as plastics, litter in the oceans, sustainability and carbon footprint to empower consumers to make informed choices," said Seafish.