Sales of fresh salmon across Walmart Canada stores have tripled from Mowi's original forecasts after launching at the start of April.

The "fresh never frozen" skin-packed products, launched under the Marine Harvest brand, include four farmed Atlantic salmon products from Mowi Canada West's British Columbia farms, two wild salmon options and one Pacific cod.

The venture was a first for Mowi's Consumer Products of the Americas (CPA) division in the Canadian market, and the products are processed in its Surrey plant before distribution to 42 Walmart Canada stores across the province.

"This shows Mowi at its collaborative best," said Rob Clark, sales direct at Mowi's CPA US office.

"Business Units working together, overcoming obstacles and finding solutions. There was no thought that the Covid-19 crisis would derail the launch, and the results and response from customers should make everyone feel incredibly proud."

The CPA US sales team initiated conversations with Walmart Canada executives in September 2019, and in November, Walmart Canada senior executives visited Mowi's Surrey processing plant for a tour and presentation of the product selection.

"The work started back in 2019 and the launch date was set, said CPA Managing Director Joe Fidalgo. "No one could have anticipated it would launch in the middle of a crisis."

The program is now expected to expand to more distribution centers.