US consumers will soon get their first taste of Mowi Pure salmon, the salmon farming giant's new premium line, via a partnership with one of the world's largest retailers.

Mowi, the world's largest salmon producer, will launch the product in retail giant's fresh food delivery division, Amazon Fresh, on March 14, timed with the upcoming Seafood Expo North America in Boston.

Andreas Johler, managing director of brands at Mowi, told IntraFish the company hopes to capture a higher-end consumer with the line, which uses "Japanese cuts" and fish from the company's Mowi strain of eggs.

The launch will be supplemented with a blitz of social media marketing, Diana Dumet, director of marketing for consumer products at Mowi Americas, told IntraFish.

Analytics will be key to tracking sales and uptake of the product, one of Amazon's core strengths; Mowi will be able to track real-time data on consumers purchasing Mowi products through its online platforms.

"We wanted to do it this way because the brand is so unique," Dumet said.">

Fresh, then smoked

Mowi Pure will initially launch with a fresh-never-frozen product range and will expand later this year into brick-and-mortar US retail, followed by a smoked product line.

“We believe the salmon industry has had the need of a global brand to educate and to bring confidence to the consumers," Joe Fidalgo, managing director of Mowi's consumer products division of the Americas, told IntraFish.

"And a company like Mowi not only has the infrastructure but the 50 years of experience to bring Mowi Pure globally."

Mowi will introduce at least three products tied to the Pure brand US launch at the Boston Seafood Expo this March, including Escallopino Atlantic salmon portions, Royal Atlantic salmon portions and Saku Atlantic salmon portions.

Mowi Pure launched last April in Europe as the first part of the Mowi range, which is set to eventually include two other brands: Mowi Signature and Mowi Supreme. The Mowi Pure range has seven different products of cold smoked, hot smoked and fresh salmon portions in various size formats.

A big part of the campaign will be to tell the story behind the product. A detailed message on the history of Mowi, its salmon genetic selection, the farming process, the low environmental footprint and the handling of the fish are all included in the brands’ story.

In 2018, Marine Harvest changed its corporate and brand names to Mowi as part of a nearly $40 million (€36.8 million) company rebranding.