Salmon farming giant Mowi is launching its consumer brand of premium salmon products into the United Kingdom for the first time, starting with exclusive listings in Sainsbury’s.

Mowi’s Scottish salmon will be available exclusively at Sainsbury’s, in-store and online, starting Tuesday..

The launch range will include three products, including smoked salmon as well as natural and pre-cooked salmon fillets.

The new range is priced to be an “affordable premium option," said Mowi, with recommended retail selling prices from £4.50 (€5.20/$6.20).

Mowi said the launch would tap into an increase in demand for healthy products, chilled fish and in-home dining in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Salmon growth has outpaced other increases in grocery due to its health credentials and because consumers now make more time to cook at home.

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Through February 2021, total salmon sales in the UK reached £1.2 billion (€1.4 billion/$1.6 billion), according to UK seafood association Seafish's Nielsen statistics -- an 11 percent rise over the year prior. By volume, sales reached 73,000 metric tons -- a 16 percent rise.

Price per kilo fell 3.8 percent overall to £1.51 (€1.80/$2.10) per kilo, with fresh salmon prices per kilo sliding by 4.7 percent to £17.71 (€20.60/$24.30).

Mowi said it would support the launch with a marketing campaign spanning TV, social media and print. Further campaigns will be rolled out in 2021.

The Norway-based seafood company already holds own-label contracts across the major UK retailers, including with Sainsbury’s.

It first launched its Mowi consumer brand in 2018. So far it has only been available in France, the United States and Poland, but Mowi said it was now looking to expand into other countries.

The trio of products include cold smoked salmon slices at a suggested retail price of £5.00 (€5.80/$6.80); Piri Piri-flavored salmon fillets at £5.00 (€5.80/$6.80); and fresh Scottish fillets at £4.50 (€5.20/$6.20).

The salmon is farmed on the West Coast of Scotland and prepared and packed in Scotland.