Plant-based seafood company Good Catch's alternative tuna product was rolled out in Tesco stores in the UK this month, thanks to a growing demand for plant-based that has started to breach the seafood sector.

The plant-based tuna product is selling for £2.50 (€3.00/$3.30) for 94 grams. It will be exclusively available in Tesco in three different flavors, made from a blend of six legumes.

According to the release, the range has a proven record in the United States, with distribution growing to over 4,500 retail outlets in less than a year.

“Sustainability is, and will continue to be, higher on the consumer agenda than ever before,” said Chris Kerr, co-founder and CEO of Good Catch.

“Up to now, demand for these products has centered primarily in the meat and dairy aisles, with sales of meat-free alternatives growing quickly. Without question, seafood is the next wave, and offers a huge opportunity.”