US grocery chain Trader Joe's, operated by German retail giant Aldi Nord, is looking to introduce more plant-based seafood alternatives within its stores to cover all the protein customers are familiar with.

"I'm looking to do more work on the seafood side," said Amy Gaston-Morales, the category manager of deli, frozen meat, seafood, meatless, and fresh beverage.

"We don't have options yet within our stores for plant-based seafood product."

Gaston-Morales continued to discuss the slew of seafood alternatives such as crab cakes, scallops and tuna replacements that are already available in the market, in the latest Trader Joe's podcast released Jan. 11.

"The new products we are developing are targeted to what does good in the seafood section," Gaston-Morales said.

Trader Joe's successfully introduced has launched various vegan options to its stores over the past few years as more retailers ride the hot trend.

Plant-based seafood companies have been expanding rapidly in the past few years. Novish, a Netherlands-based maker of vegan, plant-based seafood alternatives, is the most recent company to secure investment worth more than €1 million ($1.2 million), the company’s CEO Maiko van der Meer told IntraFish.

The company has scored success with online retailers such as the recent launch at Ocado in the United Kingdom.

In January, Tyson-backed US plant-based firm New Wave Foods completed an $18 million (€14.7 million) Series A financing round that the company says with help it deliver more plant-based shrimp and sustainable shellfish options to consumers.

Plant-based seafood startup Gathered Foods CEO Christine Mei said "plant-based seafood is about 1 percent of the total plant-based meat dollar sales," and poised for a much highe shae of the category.

Gathered Foods' Good Catch plant-based tuna is available in multiple retailers across the US and the UK, including Whole Foods.

Who is supplying plant-based and lab-grown seafood?

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