US-based convenience-store chain 7-Eleven is launching a new Alaska pollock fish sandwich in participating US stores, the Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) said Sunday. The promotion is part of GAPP's third round of funding through its North American Partnership Program with suppliers of Alaska pollock.

The popular convenience chain operates nearly 8,000 stories in the United States.

The herb-crusted Alaska pollock fillet with American cheese and tartar sauce will be available until April 20 and will retail for $2.49 (€2.27). Consumers looking for a Lenten meat alternative can purchase the product for a promotional price of $2 (€1.80) on Fridays through the chain's app.

“7-Eleven is always on the lookout for new and delicious fresh food that we think our customers will love and, once they’ve tried it, seek out again and again,” said Robin Murphy, 7‑ Eleven fresh food product director. “Customers looking for a hot fish sandwich because they’re observing Lent dietary restrictions, or just because they love a good fish sandwich can find this limited-time offering in our hot cases.”

The US convenience industry experienced its seventeenth straight year of record in-store sales in 2019, according to National Association of Convenience Stores State of the Industry data, said GAPP.

US convenience stores sales overall surged 8.9 percent to $654.3 billion (€597.8 billion) , and in-store sales increased 2.2 percent to a record $242.2 billion (€221.2 billion). Foodservice sales accounted for 22.6 percent of in-store sales, a category that continues to be a key focus area for the convenience store channel.

GAPP's North American Partnership Program provides support for companies throughout the Alaska pollock industry who are looking to bring new, innovative products to market or introduce the fish to food influencers and decision-makers at forums where it hasn’t previously had visibility.

The organization received 17 applications for the third round of funding through the program, and the board selected 12 of those proposals to move forward and receive funding. For 2019-2020, GAPP has now obligated nearly $3 million (€2.7 million) toward this initiative.